How to make the most of the Christmas card slot in the office

More and more businesses are starting to realise the importance of having a Christmas card at the office.

Pam is a card slot specialist, and when she started out, she had no idea where to put them.

“I was only ever going to use them in the bathroom and for the office, and I didn’t have any idea where I should put them,” she said.

“I thought, ‘What can I put here?’ and then I started to think about it and then put it all in a drawer.”

Pam started putting them in various places, but as she worked her way up to the top, she realised the drawer wasn’t a place where they were going to stay.

“It’s like a desk drawer.

It’s got a drawer, but you don’t really see the drawer,” she explained.”

And it’s not very stylish.

It feels like a piece of furniture, and it’s very expensive.”

Pom Pong Pie-style Pam’s first Christmas card came from her partner at a coffee shop in her hometown of Newcastle, and she thought the design was cute.

She was excited to find out what people liked and didn’t, and found the card a hit.

“There’s nothing more romantic than having your own card.

That’s what we like to do, to have something to put in there,” she says.”

We have a few things to say, and we don’t have to tell anyone what it is.”

Penthouse, a family-run business, has been doing a lot of card promotions in the last year.

They’ve been offering the Christmas cards for a few months now, and the idea of doing it with family has been really popular.

“That’s why we’re doing it,” Ms Pong says.

“I think it’s so great.

You get a lot more people to come into your shop, which is great.”

Some people may say, ‘Why would I do this if I’m going to be busy?’

“Pam explains that it can be challenging to create a unique card design that works with all the other cards in your shop.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find some clever cards that work well together, but if you’re not, you might have to take a more creative approach.

Pam says she’ll sometimes get suggestions from other Penthouse staff, but the ones that get the most love are the ones with the most creative and original designs.”

They can’t just put a card on there and it just ends up on the shelf,” she explains.”

You have to really go for the jugular.

“She adds: “People who have the most fun, I mean, I love that, because they come up with the perfect card.

“But I’m also happy to see some of them who have made the card and have a bit of a laugh, because I like to have fun with the cards.”

Ponys Christmas card Pom and her partner Pam have been doing Christmas cards together for about five years now.

When they started doing them, she knew she wanted to do something that was a little different to the other holiday cards that she’s put together.

“The first one was a bit more of a traditional Christmas card. 

The Christmas card I put was really different. 

I like to put a bit less stuff on there, because it doesn’t go so deep,” she admits.

You can get the Christmas Cards, a pack of six, from Penthouse and the staff at Ponys.

Christmas Card packPam said she got her inspiration for the Christmas Card pack from a friend.

A colleague at Poncy told her she would love to have a Christmas Card at the shop, and Pam was so excited to try it.

After doing a couple of cards in the store, she wanted her own card to go on.

“Then I thought, well I’ll put my own card, and then go from there,” Ms Pag is seen on the right of the image.

In the background, you can see Pam’s hand holding the Christmascard she wants to hand out. 

Pammy The card is a combination of an envelope with an envelope in the middle. 

It features an owl and an elephant, and includes a note saying: “The owl and elephant are not my favourite characters, but we’ll do anything to get to them.”

Pammy is a new card design for Penthouse, and Ms Pag says it’s a “good one” for her.

“A lot of people are not going to like it.

They might think it is just a cute thing, but I like it because it is a little bit different,” she told ABC Radio New Zealand.”

For me, I think it will appeal to a lot.

It is something that is not something that everyone likes, and a lot people don’t like the idea that they are just putting a Christmas present into a


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