When you’re looking for the best office chairs

With the office chair boom coming to an end, a new study from the Australian Office of National Statistics suggests the trend will continue.

In its annual chair survey, the ABS asked Australians to pick the chair of their choice, from the range of products that come with them. 

The chair was selected as the most popular choice for office chair lovers in the last year. 

This comes after several years of increasing popularity of the office desk chair, which has seen it ranked first in the list of best office furniture.

The ABS chair survey also found the chair was preferred by people who have chosen to work from home. 

In fact, the chair is now preferred by a quarter of respondents, which is up from just 13 per cent in 2015.

“People are choosing the chair they need to work out of home for more than anything,” says Angus Brown, managing director at the ABS office chair company, Millingtons.

“It’s not just about being comfortable, but also about having the freedom to go about your day.” 

The ABS said office chair use had grown from just 7 per cent of Australian households in 2013 to 17 per cent by 2019.

The latest survey also revealed people were still buying office chairs to work in, despite the popularity of office furniture as a work tool.

“For many, office chair ownership is a key part of their daily routine,” Mr Brown said.

“We’re very pleased with the trend, but we think it’s a trend that’s likely to continue.” 

To find out more about office chairs, you can visit the ABS website or call the Millington office chair office on 1800 971 523. 

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