Which office is best for immigration lawyers?

The Immigration and Naturalization Service has some serious problems in its office of immigration and naturalization.

As a result, a handful of law offices are being created to take on the immigration caseload.

One of those, the Office of Immigration Review (OIR), is headed by Tom Wheeler, a lawyer who is a favorite of the Trump administration.

It will be staffed with lawyers from the Office for Immigration Review and has a budget of about $8 million.

Wheeler has a reputation for being an advocate of the rule of law and the separation of powers, and is credited with getting the rule passed and the Trump Administration’s first Supreme Court nominee confirmed.

He also served as the top legal adviser for former President Barack Obama.

The OIR has a few areas that it’s going to need help in: enforcing the laws against immigration fraud and identity theft; collecting information on undocumented workers, including their immigration status and their employer; and protecting the rights of U.S. citizens and legal residents to work in the United States.

OIR also has to deal with an ongoing war with the Obama Administration over its enforcement of the president’s executive orders.

The order that Trump signed on February 2 was supposed to protect U.N. personnel who had worked in countries like Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras and deport them.

It also expanded the number of refugee-hostile nations to seven, with the addition of the Philippines.

But as it stands, the order has been blocked by the courts.

Wheeler is tasked with defending the president on the case and defending his policies.

It’s going be an uphill battle for him.

As president, Trump has threatened to impose a travel ban on some Muslim-majority countries.

But, according to the American Immigration Council, Wheeler has not been able to persuade the courts that he can justify that order because he’s been blocked from doing so by the Trump Adminstration.

If Trump were to ban immigrants from countries that he believes are unsafe or pose a security risk, Wheeler is going to be the first person to feel the consequences.

This would be a major setback for his ability to fight back.

Wheeler and his allies will have to convince the courts and the public that he is not acting in the best interests of the country.

It is not clear whether Wheeler will be able to do this, though he has said he will take on his case “firmly” in the courts because it is “a constitutional matter.”

It will also be an enormous challenge for the administration to make its case to the Supreme Court.

That is a tough one to win.

If the Supreme Supreme Court rejects Wheeler’s argument, it could open the door to the administration changing the rules on how many people can be allowed into the United State, a change that would make the OIR much smaller.

If that happens, the Oir would lose much of the funding it receives and the number it has to staff.

The Trump Administration has repeatedly said it wants to protect the safety of U-Haul drivers who are detained by immigration officers, but the Supreme Senate Judiciary Committee has held hearings on whether to require that.

The committee has also recommended that the court rule that the Oire is a separate agency.

A new Oire will likely have a lot less staff than the current one.

This is an office that Wheeler is known for.

As an advocate for the rule, Wheeler should be well-known and respected, and his appointment will certainly help his cause.

As I have written about in the past, the Trump Justice Department has been criticized for not enforcing immigration law and for failing to prosecute criminals who have been deported.

Wheeler, as the new OIR’s head, will have a chance to make an impact on these issues.

But if he is successful in his fight, he will likely be the next target of the Administration’s “law and order” agenda.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.


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