Why are so many Oregon office workers leaving?

The state has been grappling with an ongoing economic recession, and as many as one in three workers could lose their jobs in the next two years.

But many of the workers who are leaving are not directly affected by the economic downturn.

The state lost about $100 billion in tax revenue in the first three months of the year, and state officials said they don’t know how much money is lost from Oregon’s tax collection in the year.

The office depot near Eugene lost about 30 percent of its employees in January, the latest report on Oregon’s unemployment office.

The Oregon Department of Human Services also said the depot has lost about a third of its full-time employees since last March.

The Office of the Oregon Secretary of State said the office lost about 20,000 employees from March to March, and that about half of those were new hires.

A new agency was created in April to manage Oregon’s state government offices.

The federal government also reported about 1.7 million workers lost their jobs during the recession.

The number of people laid off was a big part of that, said Tom Schulze, deputy chief economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

In a statement, Oregon’s Treasury Department said that most of the employees are out of work because they’re not getting raises and are working less hours.

It said the state will continue to monitor the state’s unemployment rates, and it’s doing its best to identify other workers who might need help.

Schulze said he expects the state to lose money as the recession worsens.

The unemployment rate in Oregon rose to 6.6 percent in January from 6.3 percent in February, and has been rising since then.

The recession caused layoffs and wage cuts.

The state is also considering new taxes and spending cuts.

The Oregon unemployment office reported the average annual loss from a layoff to be about $7,400 in January and February.

That figure does not include overtime or vacation pay.

It is unclear if that amount of lost pay will be added to the state tax collection.

Scholze said there are also about 10,000 people who are out on disability because of the recession and are unable to work, and some of them are not getting a raise.

The unemployment office has said it will pay the state a “permanent and fair” wage increase, and the state is not sure if it will make it.

“I think the state has to be more proactive about making sure that people are getting paid and that they are receiving the benefits they need to keep a roof over their heads and not be pushed out onto the streets,” Schulz said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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