The funniest office characters of all time

A new list of the funniest and most memorable office characters from The Office series, out in theaters on November 9.

The list was compiled by Entertainment Weekly and includes an assortment of office workers from the show, including Dwight Schrute and his colleagues at the Office.

Some of the entries have been around for decades, while others are from just a few years ago.

Read on to find out who’s who.


Dwight Schrutes office, “The Office” (2007)The best and the worst of Dwight Schruting’s office are at the top of the list.

While his coworkers are all great, he is one of the best.

His office is a giant, beautiful piece of art, filled with his personal items, and the only place where you can actually interact with him.

It’s a place of wonder, filled not only with great art but also with a lot of silliness.

His wife, Pam, is the epitome of that, her office filled with an assortment in office supplies and other office paraphernalia.


Dwight’s wife, Dwight, (2008)Dwight’s office is the most creative office in the show and one of its best, with a variety of creative projects in the office.

There are so many things he can create in the space that you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like it.

There’s an entire shelf full of drawings, some of which he’s even put into his desk drawer.


Dwight, Dwight Schrutts wife, (2009)Dewon is an amazing character.

His personal life is a huge source of humor in the series, and his relationship with Pam is an integral part of the show’s plot.

Pam’s personality is such that even when she’s mad, she has to keep up appearances and is so charming, and when Dwight says he wants to marry her, you can bet she’s thrilled about the idea.


Dwight and Dwight, The Office (2010)Dwayne Johnson and the rest of the cast of The Office have made Dwight one of their favorites since he first appeared in the pilot.

The series has become a fan favorite because of Dwight’s great humor, but the cast has made Dwight a character that fans have grown to love and adore.

He’s not just a great boss, but a wonderful husband, father, son, friend, and even a brother.


Dwight on the road, “Road Trip” (2012)DWight’s journey to work in the business world has been one of his most memorable moments on the show.

Dwight travels with his wife, Molly, on the back of a truck and is never far from her.

The show’s fans love how he never seems to leave his office, despite being there for hours at a time.

The drive to work is always a treat, and it’s the perfect way to start off a day.


Dwight Jr., The Office: “Dwighter” (2014)Drew’s father, Dwight Jr. has always been a popular character on The Office.

The actor is always around and always has something interesting to say, but his father is a little more than that.

He is the man who loves being in the spotlight, and he loves being with the people he loves.

Dwight Sr. is the one who always wins the office, and Dwight Jr.’s life is one filled with joy and success.


Dwight & the ladies, “Mom & Me” (2016)It’s not unusual to see Dwight and Pam’s friendship get some heat, but this season of The Next Generation brought a whole new level of chemistry to their relationship.

Dwight has always enjoyed his wife’s company, and she often takes on his role as a “mom” at home.

It makes sense, then, that the two of them would get along just fine when the time comes.


Dwight in his office chair, “Dewdys office chair” (2018)Dwdwys office is one that we all know and love.

He and Pam always make sure to sit at a table in the middle of the office or in their living room.

It gives the show a place where they can all be happy, and they can be as creative as they want.


Dwight is the boss, “What are you doing?”

(2019)In the first season of the TV show, Dwight and his team were just trying to figure out how to get the office ready for a meeting.

But in the second season, Dwight’s team gets a lot more creative, with some of the coolest projects in office history.

He designs a new desk for his boss, Andy, and uses the new design to design his own desk, complete with his own office chair and some of his favorite things from his office.


Dwight sits on his desk, “My boss’s desk” (2020)Dowdys favorite office chair is a favorite in the


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