When the government shutdown ends, the new administration’s jobs report will be a big deal

President Donald Trump has promised to “bring back the jobs” during the lame duck, but according to the latest economic numbers released by the White House, his administration has lost jobs over the last month, which may explain why he hasn’t been tweeting about the jobs numbers much.

In a new report released Wednesday, the White Senate Office of Management and Budget (OMB) shows that the unemployment rate fell from 8.4% in March to 7.9% in April.

This is the lowest unemployment rate since the Great Depression, when the economy was recovering from the Great Recession.

The unemployment rate for April is the second lowest in nearly two years.

However, the unemployment rates for May and June are much higher.

For May, the OMB shows that only 0.4 million people are still out of work.

For June, the number is nearly 8.5 million, according to a chart that the Whitehouse Office of Presidential Personnel and Economic Policy released in January.

This chart shows the number of people working full-time in the U.S. economy over the past month.

The jobs report for April was the lowest number of jobs added in more than a year.

The OMB report shows that job losses increased in every sector of the economy, with construction (up 1.2%), retail trade (up 0.3%), construction (down 0.1%), professional, scientific, and technical services (down 1.3%) and wholesale trade (down 2.2%).

The biggest declines in jobs were in public administration and public administration support, the latter two industries accounting for a large percentage of the job losses.

The jobless rate in the entire U.N. economy for April, however, was the highest in a year, at 10.3%.

This may be due to a number of factors.

In addition to a drop in unemployment, there were some good news reports in April, including the fact that the U,N.

refugee agency, UNHCR, and the United Nations Development Programme have increased the number, scope and quality of aid available to refugees in April by 5% and 6%, respectively.

In other words, these three agencies have helped more people escape poverty than any other single organization in the world.

The unemployment rate also was higher than the national average.

In fact, the national unemployment rate rose from 6.4 to 7%.

In addition, the jobless rates for women and the under-25 population are higher than ever.

These demographic groups are key to the U:DOT’s future growth.

The OMB reported that the employment rate for May was 5.3% lower than the average for the first six months of 2017.

This may also be due in part to the fact the OPMB’s February data showed a 4.1% decrease in payrolls for February, the highest monthly jobless number in more, if not for more than seven years.

For the full year, the jobs data showed that the number unemployed has been growing.

The jobless numbers for April are the highest since May 2011, when there were just over 9 million people out of the workforce.

The number of jobless rose from 5.1 million to 6.1.7 million in May.

However in May, there was also an increase in the number who had given up looking for work.

This means that more people are now unemployed than ever before.

The increase in unemployed people, and their accompanying joblessness, means that the economy is more robust than it was when the government shut down in May and March.

The President has been a strong supporter of the unemployed and people who are out of their jobs.

The President has tweeted and said that he will “bring them back,” and has also said that the federal government should “start hiring again.”

However, the Trump administration is still struggling with how to fill jobs.

Trump’s own economic advisers have been calling for a stimulus package that would increase the size of the government’s economy, but the WhiteHouse has yet to provide any concrete proposals.

According to the OBM, the president has proposed only “a small reduction” in the size and scope of the federal budget, and has not indicated how this would be offset by any other spending.


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