Man’s money saved by crowdfunding campaign for his own surgery

Posted March 01, 2019 12:23:57 When I was in the hospital and waiting for my operation, I thought about it often.

I’d been a bit stressed by the news that I’d lost my wife and daughter, and I thought that if I had to make a decision right now, I’d probably be willing to spend my life on the road to recovery.

I was just glad that I could make the trip for my own surgery.

I had a friend in a similar situation, and they made the same decision as I did. 

We’d decided to go to London, and we would all meet up in the evening.

My friend said, “Well, I don’t know if I can afford to go, but if you could just get me an insurance card and pay me back at a certain date, I’ll be able to get on the waiting list for the surgery.”

I agreed, and started reading through my insurance card.

The day before the surgery, my husband had been diagnosed with cancer and he’d already undergone surgery.

We’d been going to the doctor, and my son had gone to see him in the emergency department.

As we were walking through the emergency room, I looked over and saw that my husband was in a very bad state.

I couldn’t believe that I had signed up for the operation and that we were all going to die together.

I thought, I have to make the decision. 

My husband said, “I don’t want to die.

I want to live.

I need to get out of here.” 

I looked at him, and he was already gone.

He was a little bit confused about what to say. 

I went back to the waiting room and sat on my bed, thinking, I can’t do this.

I can do this, I just have to find an insurance company to help me.

I found a card and signed it. 

At that point, I started to cry.

I could feel that tears were starting to run down my face, and it was really hard.

I didn’t want this to end, so I started crying again. 

When I finally got home and looked at the insurance card, I was like, wow.

I got paid back for everything. 

But the money wasn’t enough.

It wasn’t as if I was saving my own money. 

After getting paid back, I still had to go back to work, and that meant my employer would have to cover the rest of the cost. 

In the meantime, I had my son and my wife.

So, the day before my surgery, we were still in the waiting area and I was thinking, my wife is going to be here, so we need to have her stay here for the whole day, because I’m not going to get her in. 

Luckily, my son came to pick me up, and so I could get him out of the emergency and back to his house. 

He had to come in, so he took my son with him, took his wheelchair, and drove them to the surgery. 

The surgery was really scary for me. 

They didn’t have any chairs, and as soon as they got into the surgery area, I could see the doctors on their walkie-talkies and the nurses all around the hospital.

It was really horrible, but I was happy to be home with my family, because it was going to happen. 

Then, it happened. 

Within two hours, my knee and the surrounding tissue were swollen, and the swelling wasn’t going to stop.

The surgeon told me that they’d need another two weeks to heal, and after that, I wouldn’t be able go home for another six months. 

It was a really scary time. 

To be honest, the biggest part of it was just being relieved that I wasn’t home.

The biggest thing was just the relief that I didn’s pain, but also the relief of getting the surgery over. 

Now, I’m a little nervous, but at the same time, I’ve been going back and forth between home and the hospital a few times a week since my surgery.

When I finally get home, I want my husband to come out with me, and make sure I’m safe. 

So, it was good to be able say goodbye to my wife, and to see that the surgery was not going in vain. 

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