Which companies have the best CEO-to-customer ratios?

A study conducted by the consulting firm McKinsey & Co. found that CEOs with the highest ratios are those who have a strong sense of mission and who take an aggressive approach to recruiting and retaining their employees.

The firm’s research found that CEO ratios were especially high for the top 10 firms, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Twitter.

The research, titled “Who is a CEO?”, analyzed more than 10,000 CEO and COO profiles from more than 3,000 companies.

It found that executives with the lowest ratios are often among those who don’t take aggressive recruiting and retention practices.

Among those with ratios of 0.5 or less, 75% said they have an aggressive recruitment and retention approach.

A 1.0 ratio is considered good.

The study was based on the CEO’s top five priorities and also on other criteria, such as experience and the firm’s financial performance.

Among CEOs with an average ratio of 0 to 5, 80% said that their company has an excellent management team and that they are committed to doing their part to drive results.

Among executives with ratios above 5, 94% said their company’s corporate culture is high-performing and that the company has a good business strategy.

For CEOs with ratios between 5 and 10, 94.7% said the company’s overall performance is excellent and that their employees are well-trained and highly motivated.

CEOs with a ratio of 10 to 20 are the most aggressive.

In a study published last year, McKinsey found that the average ratio among executives was 3.4.

Among the top 5 companies, the average was 4.4, while the average for the bottom 10 companies was 5.4 percent.

The CEO ratio is a way for companies to determine the best executives to retain and attract.

It can also provide insight into how CEOs are performing on a day-to -day basis.

For example, a company’s CEO can look at its performance on a certain day and see how the performance compares to a competitor’s.

That can be useful when a company needs to hire someone new or make a strategic hire, for example.

It could also give a clearer picture of how CEO ratios compare to other companies.

The top 10 companies have a total of 639,741 CEOs, according to the study.

The average ratio for CEOs at the top of the ladder is 2.2.

The bottom 10 include more than 1.2 million executives.

The report found that most of the top executives have been in their top job for years.

But the average CEO tenure of more than two years is a rare occurrence.

The McKinsey study said that there are some exceptions, including those with at least two years in their first job at a big tech firm.

The data showed that the CEOs with longer tenure have an average of 7.4 years in the top job, but the average of the bottom 50 is 3.3 years.

The findings are the latest in a series of studies that have suggested that CEOs’ experience matters.

“It is a reflection of the value and impact they provide to the company,” said Eric S. Seidenberg, chief executive of McKinsey, in a statement.

“I know that experience matters, and we believe that CEOs are an important part of that equation.”


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