The Latest on a New Study: ‘We Have No Data to Back Up Our Claim’

The latest study by the Institute for Quality and Regulatory Excellence finds the “best practice” in the United States is not to store electronic devices in the home.

The study also found that the number of cases of non-medical device use in the U.S. has dropped from nearly three million in 2012 to 1.7 million in 2016.

In its latest report on the health of the U, the institute found the U’s “best practices” to be among the “most effective, cost-effective, and safe for the environment and human health” as well as the “environmentally responsible” way to store devices in homes.

The institute has been investigating the health effects of storing electronic devices online for years, and has found a clear correlation between the practice and health problems like respiratory infections, heart disease, and diabetes.

It found in the latest study that most of the devices in use are not even properly secured and are not monitored by health care professionals.

It also found there is no evidence that electronic devices are more hazardous to the environment than paper or wood.

The institute also found no evidence to support claims that the best practices were effective at protecting consumers from disease and injury.

It did find that the “consumers’ choice to store their devices online is not necessarily a choice that is necessarily the best choice for consumers, but is a choice for manufacturers.”

IKEA, which is owned by Ikea, said it is committed to making its products safe and convenient for all of its customers, and said the institute report “shatters our perception of how best to store our products and the environment.”


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