Probation office in North Carolina opens to all applicants

North Carolina has long been a hotbed of the “sanctuary state” movement, a movement that has long demanded that states provide no place for illegal immigrants to live, work or visit.

But as of late January, North Carolina’s probation office had officially opened, and now anyone applying for a probation term in the state can apply online.

The North Carolina Office of Public Safety, which oversees probation in the Tar Heel State, has long said it will be open to all those who apply, and the agency has also started accepting applications for public safety workers.

But, as The Washington Post previously reported, many of the applicants have no legal immigration status, or are ineligible to apply because of their criminal record.

This week, the North Carolina office also announced it would open the state’s largest jail, which houses more than 200 inmates, to all inmates, with a view to expanding its capacity.

In a statement, North Carolinians for Immigration Reform (NAMI), a civil rights group that is one of the leaders of the sanctuary state movement, applauded the move.

“The North Carolinian for Immigration has long pushed for the release of convicted criminal aliens and we applaud the new commitment to this issue from the office of the North Carolian probation department,” NAMI said in a statement.

“This announcement is the culmination of a year of work to create a more humane and safe prison environment.”

North Carolina, which has a population of roughly 11 million, is a “sanctuaries” state, meaning it has no laws that protect undocumented immigrants.

The state also has an extremely low rate of deportations.

But advocates for immigrants have argued that North Carolina should not be able to provide such lenient treatment to those who have been in the country for decades.

In addition to the state legislature, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in the past that states cannot be allowed to block people from getting a job, housing, education or medical care, and many Republicans have joined the sanctuary movement.

The governor, Democrat Roy Cooper, has vowed to veto any bill that does not protect immigrants from being deported.


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