‘We Are Here’: Inside a Walmart warehouse in search of the best office supplies

WASHINGTON — For a small-business owner who was recently laid off, there are still lots of opportunities to get the best quality office supplies.

One of those is in the office supply aisle at Walmart.

Walmart has an impressive inventory of office supplies and accessories at its warehouses across the country.

But it has been hard to find a product to suit the needs of the company’s workers.

That’s where a small business owner called Jason Siegel has been helping others find the best equipment and supplies at Walmart.

“I’ve been a part of Walmart for two years and I’ve been working in the warehouse for about two years now.

I’ve always been very, very good at finding things to fit my needs, my needs as a business owner,” Siegel told CBS News’ Julie Pace.”

But then when we found out that they were going to cut their budget, it just kind of threw me off.

I thought, ‘This is so much more than just an office supply business.'”

The Walmart warehouse has a few of the most popular office supplies brands like Amazon, Staples, Office Depot, and OfficeMax, Siegel said.

Walter-Mart spokeswoman Heather Pate said that while it was not able to comment on individual employees, the company had been making cuts to the number of people working at its U.S. warehouses since February and was “exploring all options.”

“We are not able at this time to provide comment about specific employee positions,” Pate told CBS NEWS.

“But we will continue to work with our suppliers to help our customers find the right office supplies at the right price.”

She added that Walmart was working to make sure its employees were paid the best they can in the marketplace.

“The best products are always the best.

They’re the ones that people want and need to use,” she said.”

We believe that our commitment to supporting our associates and customers is our highest priority.

Our associates are the lifeblood of our business and we take pride in our commitment.”

In February, the government of Oregon ordered Walmart to reduce its workforce of 5,000 people by about 5 percent and said the company must pay $4.2 million in back pay to its workers.

The company says it will meet its minimum wage requirements for the first time in six years.


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