How to find a career in the post-Brexit Irish Times

Students and academics can now apply to work in the UK after the Brexit vote, after an announcement that the government had announced a hiring freeze.

The post-exit period, which starts on April 1, is a time of transition for many students and academics as they look for a new position.

“It is an incredibly exciting time to be a student or a career teacher in Ireland,” said Conor O’Connell, a lecturer at Trinity College Dublin.

“The postcode lottery will mean that many young people from across the globe will have a greater chance of finding a career.”

It is a similar situation for those looking for a post-graduate degree in Ireland, which will also open on April 15, the first day of the Brexit transition period.

“It’s a really exciting time for me,” said Dr O’Donnell, a graduate student from Trinity College who is working on a research project about the role of the Irish diaspora in Ireland.

“I’m hopeful that this postcode system will provide me with a great start to my career in academia and that the postcode market will provide a more stable environment for me to pursue my research interests.”

The new postcode hiring system will allow people from Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland to apply for jobs in the U.K. while maintaining their rights to study and work in their own country.

Irish students can apply for a job on the government website or via a postcode-based online application.

The system is expected to help people from Northern Ireland, who are currently ineligible for certain postcode jobs in Northern Ireland due to a lack of EU nationals.

A spokesperson for the Department of Social Protection said: “We are very pleased that more than 300,000 postcodes have been opened to support the Brexit process, and we will continue to support students in the region and across the United Kingdom.”

Irish students will have access to a range of jobs on the postcodes, with jobs available for both new and experienced staff.

Irish postcode students are eligible for two months of free tuition.

They can apply online at and also contact their local postcode office to apply.


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