‘No longer a child support office’: Child support office jobs gone but child support stays

By Karen K. JohnsonPublished March 11, 2019 08:01:22A child support agency has been closed, and its workforce has been reduced to a few dozen workers, leaving it with no choice but to close the office.

That’s according to the agency’s director, Karen Johnson, who spoke to a group of local reporters at the Child Support Council of Oregon’s (CSOCO) annual convention in Eugene.CSOCA, which operates out of a three-story building in the center of downtown Portland, has been under federal court supervision since August for violating a court order to stop child support payments.

In January, the agency was fined $100,000 by a federal judge in Portland for not meeting its child support obligations, and was ordered to begin paying child support, pay for its employees’ health insurance and take out a loan to pay for child support.

The court order was part of a larger effort to shut down the agency in response to the federal court ruling.

In a statement to the Post, Johnson said that the agency has since hired additional staff, and that the child support enforcement division is now staffed with more than 300 employees.

The agency, she said, has now been closed for about a month.

It has been operating as a separate entity and has been unable to operate as a support agency.

Johnson said that, for now, she has no choice.

She said the agency will continue to operate, but said it is likely that the children it supports will have to go through a new office, which is likely to be a temporary arrangement, because of its lack of funds.

“I’ve had no choice,” Johnson said.

“It’s very hard to get the support out of this thing, and I have to do that.

We are still going to be in business as usual.”

As part of the child-support court order, Johnson also announced that the company has begun to provide information about the state’s child-welfare system to employees, including an online tool that allows them to see how much support they are owed, how long they have to wait for the support to be paid and whether they can appeal a court decision.

Johnson did not say what would happen to the children she supports, but she said that she had been working with a few of them, but that the rest of them have been relocated to foster homes.

She said the children will be transferred to other children’s homes in the coming weeks, but they will not be placed with them.

She did not have details about the children.

The Child Support Enforcement Division’s website says that it will be closed from Monday, March 19, until March 23, 2019, but does not indicate when.

The state will also be sending out notices to the public that states that it has terminated its authority to suspend child support orders, Johnson added.

It is not clear whether the state is sending out the notices to other counties.

In the meantime, the state will be collecting and posting child support from children that have been placed in foster care.

The state is also in the process of revoking a temporary restraining order that prevented the agency from collecting child support for the child of a former client.


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