Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a huge departure for Deus Ex, but it’s worth it

A lot of people are asking why Deus Ex is still being released as a free-to-play game, but I’ll say it: It’s worth the $60+ price tag.

Deus Ex’s latest installment is the biggest-ever Deus Ex game, and I’m not saying it’s the best Deus Ex ever made.

It’s a far cry from the open-world action we saw in Deus Ex 2, and while it does have a few minor annoyances, it’s a solid entry in the series.

Its biggest problem is that it’s not the best, but its $60 price tag makes it worth the investment.

The game plays pretty much like it does in previous games, though.

It has a variety of missions, and you’ll need to work with different characters to complete them, though the story isn’t really much of a departure from previous Deus Ex games.

The combat system is more in line with Deus Ex 4, though, and it’s more linear than in previous Deus E games, with a few sidequests and a lot of story missions.

If you’re a fan of the open world, the combat is well-balanced, and the story is intriguing.

You’ll need a lot more experience than most of the previous games to complete the story, though; it only starts to get more complex the more missions you complete.

The campaign itself is one of the best we’ve ever seen in the franchise, and its replay value will get you through the game with minimal effort.

As a free game, Mankind Division is a solid game that’s worth playing for free.

Its campaign is the closest we’ve seen to a full-on Deus Ex-style game, with the main characters, some of the more notable characters, and some side missions, all in one place.

The main game feels more like a Deus Ex title than a standard FPS, but the combat and story are solid enough that it should be worth the cash.

If nothing else, you can expect some decent story missions, with some cool side missions that give you a good insight into the world.


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