Office 365 portal offers more options for businesses to get the job done

A new portal launched by Microsoft Office 365 on Wednesday offers a better way to get started working with digital products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook.

The Office 365 Portal on the Microsoft Edge browser provides a quick way to add new products to your portfolio with just a few clicks, as well as a new way to access a large number of Office 365 apps, which include Office 365 Online, Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint Online and Exchange Online.

The new portal, called Office 365 Productivity, allows users to start using Microsoft products as they’re designed for them, rather than waiting until they are ready to deploy, said Microsoft spokeswoman Andrea Dore.

It is available in Microsoft Edge and Windows 10, and can be accessed with the Microsoft Account button on the ribbon on the home screen.

Users can now browse through more than 200 million Office 365 products, including Word, Outlook, OneDrive and PowerPoint, with a variety of templates to help them create a portfolio.

In addition to the productivity portal, Microsoft has also introduced new options for Business users to use the Office 365 cloud.

Microsoft will now allow businesses to have more than one cloud account.

The company also added a new option to Office 365 for Office 365 Pro users, allowing them to set up an Office 365 Business account that includes Office 365 Professional, which includes additional features and features.

The ability to set a Business account allows businesses to add their own tools and services to Office.

The option to create a new Business account lets users add their business to the Office portfolio, while also enabling users to manage their own business portfolio.

The newly launched Office 365 productivity portal is available on the following Microsoft Edge browsers: Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Edge Mobile, Microsoft Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, and Google Chrome.

It also can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft website, or can be installed with the “Add to Web” feature on Microsoft Edge.

The Microsoft Edge portal is not compatible with older versions of Office.


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